Antoni Camins

Neuropharmacology: aging prevention (GREN)

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Miren Ettcheto

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Jaume Folch

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Prof. Antoni Camins Espuny

Department of Farmacologia i química terapèutica

Faculty of Pharmacy and Food Sciences, Av. de Joan XXIII, 27-31

08028 Barcelona (Spain)


camins (at)…

Research Interests


In recent years we have demonstrated in the APPSwe / PS1dE9 mice model of Alzheimer’s a relationship between alterations in the metabolism specifically, type 2 diabetes mellitus and an advancement and contributes to development and progression of the Alzheimer’s disease. Thus treatment of APPSwe / PS1dE9 mice with a high fat diet favours disease worsening and memory loss. Currently, we have demonstrated changes in transcripts and proteins involved in the insulin pathway in the hippocampus of the APPSwe / PS1dE9 mice a familial model of Alzheimer’s disease. Moreover, we have detected disturbances in intracellular signalling pathways downstream of prolactin and leptin receptors, JAK/STAT signalling, as well as abnormalities in cholesterol metabolism in the hippocampi of APPSwe / PS1dE9 mice between the 3 and 6 months of age. Alzheimer’s disease is also associated with the decrease in insulin levels in the central nervous system and alterations of insulin receptors and downstream pathway in the brain. Defects in insulin signaling / IGF-1 affect PI3K / Akt causing neurodegeneration process. Besides the alteration of glucose transporters at the brain or decrease its expression in the brain of Alzheimer’s patients may cause a lower glucose metabolism in the brain and cause lower reduced mitochondrial metabolism and ATP production.

Current Research Lines


  • Alzheimer
  • Aging
  • Apoptosis
  • Neuropharmacology
  • Epilepsy

Technologies / methods


  • PCR real time
  • Western-blot
  • Arrays

Highlighted publications


• Ettcheto, M., Cano, A., Busquets, O., Regina Manzine, P., Sanchez-Lopez, E., Castro-Torres, R. D., Beas-Zarate, C., Verdaguer, E., Luisa Garcia, M., Oquequi, J., Auladell, C., Folch, J., & Camins, A. (2019). A metabolic perspective of late onset Alzheimer’s disease. PHARMACOLOGICAL RESEARCH, 145.


• Cano, A., Ettcheto, M., Chang, J.-H., Barroso, E., Espina, M., Kuhne, B. A., Barenys, M., Auladell, C., Folch, J., Souto, E. B., Camins, A., Turowski, P., & Luisa Garcia, M. (2019). Dual-drug loaded nanoparticles of Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG)/ Ascorbic acid enhance therapeutic efficacy of EGCG in a APPswe/PS1dE9 Alzheimer’s disease mice model. JOURNAL OF CONTROLLED RELEASE, 301, 62–75.


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