Maria de Maeztu accreditations given to the Institute of Neurosciences UB, distinguished in the last call

Jordi Alberch, director of the Institute of Neurosciences of the UB, was given the accreditation by the minister Pedro Duque. Photo: Alejandro Muñoz Fernández / MICIU

On Monday, September 9, the acting minister of Science, Innovation and Universities, Pedro Duque, gave the Institute of Neurosciences (UBNeuro) the Maria de Maeztu unit of excellence accreditations.

The professor Jordi Alberch, director of UBNeuro received the distinction during an event that distinguished five Severo Ochoa centers and seven Maria de Maeztu units. The distinguished centers and units with these accreditations from the State Research Agency were chosen by an international evaluation committee. These outstand due their high competitiveness, their strategic plans, a high quality scientific performance and ability to attract national and international talent. The awarded units in this call join the sixteen accredited units from previous years and will receive a funding of 500,000 euros yearly during four years.

The requirements, demand levels, criteria and evaluation and selection procedures referred to the scientific excellence are not different for centers and units that have been chosen for their scientific results and their strategic programs after a rigorous evaluation, with a participation of more than a hundred international known scientists. This is how the quality, excellence level and impact of research carried out at these centers and units is guaranteed. The differences are solely set according to governance, structure and organizational and management principles as well as the minimal critical mass. .

The distinguished centers outstand due the international notoriety of the scientific contributions they conduct, as well as their innovative ability and intense relationship with the business sector. Other units from the UB distinguished as Maria de Maeztu unit of excellence are the Institute of Cosmos Sciences and the Institute of Mathematics.

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