Principal Investigators

Juan Blasi

Full Professor

Study of the action of epsilon toxin on the nervous system

Artur Llobet

Associate Professor

Outside-in control of synaptic function; Study of synaptic disfunctions in the experimental model of X. tropicalis tadpoles

Carles Solsona

Full Professor

Study of the action of epsilon toxin on the nervous system

Research team


Beatrice Terni

Assistant Professor


Pablo Martinez

Postdoctoral Researcher


Marta Casas

Early Stage Researcher


Celia Velasco

Early Stage Researcher

Research Interest


The aim of this programme is to understand the cellular and molecular bases of how synapses process information, using a multidisciplinary approach based on the combination of electrophysiology, imaging and molecular manipulations. Research interests include: the study of the action of bacterial toxins and particularly, epsilon toxin, on the nervous system, the inside-out control of synaptic function and the study of synaptic dysfunctions in the experimental model of X. tropicalis tadpoles.

Technologies & Methods


  • Electrophysiology, imaging, protein purification, optical and electron microscopy.

Featured Projects


    • Análisis de la interacción entre la toxina épsilon de Clostridium perfringens y la proteína MAL como causa de procesos neuroinflamatorios. Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad. SAF2017-85818-R. Juan Blasi


    • Regulación outside-in de la función presináptica por factores neuronales y gliales secretados. Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades. RTI2018-096948-B-I00. Artur Llobet

Featured Publications


    • Martínez San Segundo, P., Terni, B., Burgueño, J., Monroy, X., Dordal, A., Merlos, M., & Llobet, A. (2020). Outside-in regulation of the readily releasable pool of synaptic vesicles by α2δ-1. FASEB Journal, 34(1), 1362–1377.


    • Velasco, C. D., & Llobet, A. (2020). Synapse elimination activates a coordinated homeostatic presynaptic response in an autaptic circuit. Communications Biology, 3(1), 260.


    • Blanch, M., Dorca-Arévalo, J., Not, A., Cases, M., Gómez de Aranda, I., Martínez-Yélamos, A., Martínez-Yélamos, S., Solsona, C., & Blasi, J. (2018). The Cytotoxicity of Epsilon Toxin from Clostridium perfringens on Lymphocytes Is Mediated by MAL Protein Expression. Molecular and Cellular Biology, 38(19), e00086-18.


    • Cases, M., Llobet, A., Terni, B., Gómez de Aranda, I., Blanch, M., Doohan, B., Revill, A., Brown, A. M., Blasi, J., & Solsona, C. (2017). Acute Effect of Pore-Forming Clostridium perfringens ε-Toxin on Compound Action Potentials of Optic Nerve of Mouse. eNeuro, 4(4), ENEURO.0051-17.2017.


    • Terni, B., Pacciolla, P., Masanas, H., Gorostiza, P., & Llobet, A. (2017). Tight temporal coupling between synaptic rewiring of olfactory glomeruli and the emergence of odor-guided behavior in Xenopus tadpoles. Journal of Comparative Neurology, 525(17), 3769–3783.

Knowledge transfer & Innovation


  • Extensímetro para estructuras biológicas. AVCRI243-E
  • Confidencial. Almirall, S.A. 309999. Artur Llobet
  • Confidencial. Almirall, S.A. 310276. Artur Llobet
  • Confidential. Laboratorios del Dr. Esteve, S.A. 310155. Artur Llobet