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Position: Professora Titular d’Universitat

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Nereida Bueno Guerra

Early stage researcher

nbuenoguerra (at)

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Dr. Montserrat Colell Mimó

Department of Psicologia Clínica i Psicobiologia

Faculty of Psychology, Passeig de la Vall d’Hebron 171

08035 Barcelona (Spain)

93 3125056

mcolell (at)

Research Interests


The research team on Primatology is part of the Consolidated Group “Evolutionary Biology of Human and Other Primates”, coordinated by Dr. Alejandro Martinez Perez-Perez. Our research goals are: a) to implement studies on the behaviour and cognition of a wide range of species of primates as well as Psittacines and Corvids, and b) to use the knowledge acquired in our studies to improve animal welfare and favour conservation of species in captivity (i.e. zoo) as well as in their natural habitat.

Key words/topics: self-recognition, self-awareness, social information transmission, imitation, tool use and tool manufacture, causality, manual laterality, moral origins, social behaviour, behavioural rehabilitation and welfare, bushmeat, conservation in situ and ex situ.

Current Research Lines


  • Primate conservation, behavior and welfare – Behavior and conservation of white-capped mangabey in Ghana (in situ) – Cognitive enrichment and playing-training therapy in non-human primates.
  • Evolution of fairness, morality, reciprocity and revenge: inter-species studies
  • Handedness in non-human primates and parrots
  • Physical cognition in psitacins, corvids and Komodo dragons: string pulling, tool use, understanding of casualty.
  • Self-awareness and social learning in great apes and parrots

Highlighted publications


· Taylor, G.; Scharlemann, J. P. W.; Rowcliffe, M.; et al. (2015). Synthesising bushmeat research effort in West and Central Africa: A new regional database. Biological Conservation 181: 199-205.


· Galbany, J.; Romero, A.; Mayo-Aleson, M. et al. (2014). Age-Related Tooth Wear Differs between Forest and Savanna Primates. Plos One 9 (4): e94938.


· Carrasco, L., Colell, M., Calvo, M., Abelló, M.T., Velasco, M., Posada, S. (2009). Benefits of Training/Playing Therapy in a Group of Captive Lowland Gorillas (Gorilla gorilla gorilla). Animal Welfare, 18 (1), 9-19.


· Llorente, M., Riba, D., Palou, L., Carrasco, L., Mosquera, M., Colell, M., Feliu, O. (2011). Population-level right handedness for a coordinated bimanual task in naturalistic housed chimpanzees: replication and extension in 114 animals from Zambia and Spain. American Journal of Primatology, 73, 281-290.


· Carrasco, L., Posada, S., Colell, M. (2009). New evidence on imitation in an encultured chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes). Journal of Comparative Psychology, 123(4), 385-390.