Research line

Glutamatergic receptors in synaptic transmission.


  • Characterization and identification of interacting proteins regulating AMPA receptor function.
  • Studies of synaptic plasticity (long term potentiation and depression).
  • Characterization of newly synthesized therapeutic compounds on NMDA receptors.
  • Functional studies on glutamate receptor mutations related to intellectual disabilities.



  • Disease / disorder characterization: Electrophysiological characterization of glutamate ion channels dysfunction
  • Assessment of new treatments: Ion channel blockers and positive allosteric modulators
  • In vitro models: Cell lines, neuronal cultures, hippocampal slices
  • Others: Electrophysiology in several recording configurations


Keywords: electrophysiology (patch-clamp), ionotropic glutamate receptors, hippocampal pyramidal neurons, long term plasticity, single channel conductance, auxiliary subunits.



Dr. David Soto del Cerro

davidsoto (at)