Research line:

Neural and endocrine secretory pathways in normal and pathological conditions.


  • Studies on biogenesis, trafficking and exocytosis of secretory organelles and excitation-secretion coupling.
  • Identification of alteration of secretory processes in neural and endocrine cells in human diseases.
  • Identification of new brain biomarkers for human diseases.



  • Disease / disorder characterization: Cellular and molecular alterations
  • Assessment of new treatments: Animal models
  • Methods for diagnostic: Brain and cerebrospinal fluid analysis in mice and humans
  • In vitro models: Primary cultures and cell lines
  • In vivo models: Normal and genetically modified mice
  • Development of new tools / technologies / computational methods: Biochemical and imaging secretion assays


Keywords: secretion, Alzheimer, calcium, cerebrospinal fluid, exocytosis, biomarker.



Dr. Fernando Aguado

faguado (at)