Research line

Physiopathology and toxicology of sensory and motor systems.


  • Evaluation of the vestibular system in animal models: behavioural evaluation of vestibular dysfunction, analysis of vestibular system histopathology, identification of molecular targets in the vestibular periphery, vestibular toxicology and pharmacology.
  • Animal models of sensory toxicity: auditory, visual, olfactory, dorsal root ganglia.
  • Neurotoxicity assessment in animal models.



  • Disease / disorder characterization: Equilibrium disorders (animal models)
  • Treatment discovery: New molecular targets in inner ear
  • Assessment of new treatments: Drug testing in vertigo/disequilibrium models
  • In vivo models: Ototoxicity, neurotoxicity
  • Development of new tools / technologies / computational methods: High speed video for equilibrium disorders in animals
  • Others: State-of-the-art evaluation of vestibular epithelium


Keywords: ototoxicity, vestibular system, sensory toxicity, neurotoxicity, animal.



Dr. Jordi Llorens

jllorens (at)