Research line:

Numerical cognition.


We have developed MATHMAGIC, which is a “vaccine” against mathematics phobia. MathMagic is destined to children (2-7 years old) for teaching them the numerical system and pre-operational notions. As well as an introduction to spatial geometry, conecting spatial dimensions (width, height and depth) to the different orders of magnitude (the “ones place”, “tens place”, “hundreds place”, “thousands place”). MathMagic has a three-fold function: 1) It is capable to represent quantities either graphically or by figures; 2) It can transforms two operands in a result, based on action commands (using action verbs); and, 3), It can introduces to Geometry, making it easy to understand the n-dimensionality of space.


Other advantages are:


  • Makes the learning of mathematics easy (playful Math activities)
  • A useful tool to parents and teachers
  • Easy to manage (autonomous learning)
  • A device to prevent the mathematics failure (Math dificulties)
  • Promotes self-confidence in young students
  • Changes the attitude towards maths in children



  • Disease / disorder characterization: Math difficulties, Mathematics phobia and anxiety, Dyscalculia
  • Treatment discovery: Enhance cognitive skills, and self-confidence
  • Assessment of new treatments: Mathematical tests
  • Methods for diagnostic: Mathematical tests
  • Clinical data Data: about the failure in mathematics. The PISA report
  • Development of new tools / technologies / computational methods: A device in which the game is implemented. Software for smartphones


Keywords: direct observation, indirect observation, patterns of behaviour, T-patterns analysis, polar coordinates analysis.



Dr. José Antonio Aznar-Casanova

jaznar2 (at)