Research line

Neurodevelopmental disorders: autism spectrum disorders and cerebral palsy


  • Cognitive performance and neuroimaging in autism spectrum disorders and cerebral palsy
  • Early signs and diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Design and evaluation of therapeutic interventions in Autism Spectrum Disorders



  • Disease / disorder characterization: Early signs of ASD, cognitive profile
  • Treatment discovery: New treatments
  • Assessment of new treatments: Imitation-based treatment in ASD, pet-assisted interventions, parenting…
  • Methods for diagnostic: Neuropsychological tests
  • Clinical data: Children
  • Development of new tools / technologies / computational methods: Neuropsychological tests


Keywords: Autism Spectrum Disorders, neuroimaging, cognitive performance, early signs, cerebral palsy, therapy.



Dr. Júlia Miralbell Blanch

jmiralbell (at)