Laboratori de Neurofisiologia

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Position: Associate professor

(Professor titular d’Universitat)

Research team


Arcadio Gual Sala

Full Professor

agual (at) ub.edu


Nuria Comes Beltran

Assistant Professor

nuriacomes (at) ub.edu


Alba Andres Bilbe

Early stage researcher

albaandres (at) ub.edu


Anna Pujol Coma

Early stage researcher

apujolcoma (at) ub.edu


Sara Abelló Saló

Administrative and technical staff

sara.abello (a) ub.edu


Montserrat Pau Ramon

Administrative and technical staff

montsepau (at) ub.edu

Contact details


Dr. Xavier Gasull

Department of Biomedicine

School of Medicine, Casanova 143

08036 Barcelona (Spain)

+34 934024519

xgasull (at) ub.edu


Research Interests


Within the field of neurophysiology, the group is interested in establishing the role of different ion channels implicated in shaping the excitability of sensory neurons of the dorsal root and trigeminal ganglia, and determining which alterations occur during injury, inflammatory and neuropathic pain states. We are especially interested in different subsets of neurons that express specific membrane receptors and ion channels involved in mechanical and cold sensitivity, as well as sensory neurons mediating itch signaling and involved in chronic itch that occurs in different dermal and systemic pathologies. Part of our work is also dedicated to establish the role of these sensory neurons on ocular pain after inflammation, injury or dry eye disease 

Current Research Lines


  • Physiology and physiopathology of inflammatory and neuropathic pain. Study of ion channels involved in neuronal excitability in the sensory nervous system. 
  • Ion channels and receptors involved in itch signaling and physiopathology of chronic itch. 
  • Sensory receptors involved in ocular pain after inflammation, injury or dry eye disease. 

Technologies / methods


  • Electrophysiological techniques: current/voltage-clamp; patch clamp, intracellular and extracellular recording; recordings in slices. 
  • Imaging techniques: intracellular calcium imaging with fluorescent dyes or reporters; cell volume. 
  • Animal behavioral tests and models of disease. 

Highlighted publications


· Royal P, Andres-Bilbe A, Ávalos Prado P, Verkest C, Wdziekonski B, Schaub S, Baron A, Lesage F, Gasull X, Levitz J, Sandoz G. (2019) Migraine-Associated TRESK Mutations Increase Neuronal Excitability through Alternative Translation Initiation and Inhibition of TREK. Neuron 101(2):232-245.e6.


· Giblin JP, Etayo I, Castellanos A, Andres-Bilbe A, Gasull X. (2019) Anionic Phospholipids Bind to and Modulate the Activity of Human TRESK Background K+ Channel. Mol Neurobiol. 56(4):2524-2541.

· Castellanos A, Andres A, Bernal L, Callejo G, Comes N, Gual A, Giblin JP, Roza C, Gasull X. (2018) Pyrethroids inhibit K2P channels and activate sensory neurons: basis of insecticide-induced paraesthesias. Pain. 159(1):92-105.


· Callejo G, Castellanos A, Castany M, Gual A, Luna C, Acosta MC, Gallar J, Giblin JP, Gasull X. (2015) Acid-sensing ion channels detect moderate acidifications to induce ocular pain.  Pain. 156(3):483-95.


· Delaunay A*, Gasull X*, Salinas M, Noël J, Friend V, Lingueglia E, Deval E. (2012) Human ASIC3 channel dynamically adapts its activity to sense the extracellular pH in both acidic and alkaline directions.  Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 109(32):13124-9.