Barcelona Lecture Series

The Barcelona Lecture Series 2019 (BLS19) is a collection of talks from international and in-house leading researchers organized by the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Barcelona (UB). The lectures take place from February to June 2019, approximately every two weeks, at different venues within the Faculty of Psychology (Edifici Ponent, Campus Mundet). Invited researchers work on a large variety of topics related to cognition and behavior, making the lectures attractive to a wide audience from and outside the Faculty of Psychology, with topics ranging from speech perception to virtual reality and approaches from basic experimental research to modelling and clinical applications. The involvement of in-house researchers creates a good opportunity for students to get to know what research is being conducted at the Faculty of Psychology, and for researchers alike promoting the communication and collaboration among groups.

The full series programme can be downloaded from here.

BLS 2019 – Alfonso Nieto Castañon, Department of Speech, Launguage and Hearing Sciences, Boston University (USA)


15:00h – Sala de Graus

BLS 2019 – David Bartés, Grup de Neuropsicologia- Barcelona Brain Stimulation Lab, Universitat de Barcelona


15:00h – Sala de Graus

BLS 2019 – Alexis Pérez Bellido, Brainvitge – Dynamics of Memory Formation, Universitat de Barcelona


15:00h – 2107

BLS 2019 – Miriam Reiner, Virtual-Realyty & NeuroCognition Lab, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology (Israel)


15:00h – Sala de Graus

BLS 2019 – Jonas Obleser, Department of Psychology, University of Lübeck (Germany)


15:00h – Sala de Graus

BLS 2019 – Matthias S Keil, Vision and Control of Action Group, Universitat de Barcelona


15:00h – Sala de Graus

BLS 2019 – Constantin Rothkopt, Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies, Goethe University (Germany)


15:00h – 1204