NeuroArt 2020

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NeuroArt 2020 awards

1st prize – El daltonisme (3r ESO, Institut Els Roures)

Autors: Bel Perarnau, Ariadna Mas, Laia Garcia i Estel Puig

With this work we want to represent color blindness and its types. It is a cube-shaped sculpture in which each face represents a type of color blindness. At the base part is you can see a traffic light with its colors connecting with three different cones, red, blue and green. These cones represent the cones in the eyes. Depending on which cone it is defective, different colors are seen. In the cone that does not pass the corresponding color, we’ve represented it with the black thread and that means it’s the one that fails and makes you see the colors otherwise. Finally this traffic light with the changed colors, connects with the back of the brain, which is responsible for vision.

2nd prize – Memòries d’un museu (3r ESO, Escola Salesians Sabadell)

By Pol Bayarri, Óscar García, Ana Ruiz i Denís Sainz

Attitudes such as harassment or masculinity and abilities such as freedom or love are controlled by the center of emotions, the brain. These concepts are represented creating the memories of a museum to show its effects: decreased learning, stress, awareness, and alteration.

3rd prize – (Mal)addicions (3r ESO, Institut Els Roures)

Autors: Karen Mora Guiot, Carla Fernández Bellmunt, Daniela Ferriz López, Gisela Miracle Saavedra

It aims to represent the differences in mental health between a healthy lifestyle and a harmful lifestyle due to drug use. The roots represent the spinal cord spinal cord and branches the right and left hemispheres of the brain, with the branches of nerve cells. The right part represents a hemisphere damaged due to the consumption of drugs, and the right a healthy hemisphere thanks to healthy living habits.

4rth prize – Apagada parcial de la medul·la espinal (4t ESO, Escola Túrbula de Sant Adrià de Besòs)

Autors: Laura Gallango, Adrià Plancho, Carlos Losada, Mehreen Ashraf

We wanted to represent the rupture of the spinal cord caused by a traffic accident. Vam think about the idea because we saw a DGT class video on drugs and driving. The lights represent the electrical impulse that is interrupted and does not reach the limbs lower causing paralysis.