NeuroArt is a science communication project organised by the Institute of Neurosciences. This project was created to strengthen the relationship between science and art.

Art and science are two ways to understand, observe and describe the world. Nowadays there is a need to work from a multidisciplinary approach to keep pushing the frontiers of knowledge. That’s why we started up this project.

In this project, schools in Catalonia work on neuroscientific concepts through the creation of artistic works, creating a new and strong knowledge innovative. It is unbelievable what they achieve once we remove the division between disciplines.


If you are a school and you would like to participate you’ll find more information here.


VI NeuroArt 2023

V NeuroArt 2022

IV NeuroArt 2021

III NeuroArt 2020

II NeuroArt 2019

I NeuroArt 2018