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The University of Barcelona Group (UB Group) conducts several projects promoting knowledge and technology transfer in research between the UB and businesses or institutions. The UB Group actively participates in the EU’s research, development and innovation policies in the framework of the new European Research Area. In this context, the University of Barcelona has developed a number of agencies to bolster R&D activity and improve the quality of public and private-sector innovation in technology: the Bosch i Gimpera Foundation, the Patents Centre, the Scientific and Technological Centres, and the Barcelona Science Park.


The Institute of Neurosciences of the University of Barcelona shares this purpose and aims to create links between researchers and industry partners to stablish public-private collaborations in research projects. We are open to opportunities of contracts for research services, sponsorship agreements and scientific counselling.


Contact: ubneuro (at)

Types of research collaborations


  • Contract research projects: companies or institutions subcontract UB research groups for a previously established fee and period of time and receive the project results that have been agreed upon without actually participating in the project work itself.


  • Collaborative research projects: both the company and the UB researchers involved work together to reach certain outcomes using a specific new technology. The nature of these projects is generally precompetitive and the projects themselves are usually financed by government agencies.


  • Consultancy and analysis service: scientific and technical counselling for companies.


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Spin off


  • Braingaze: Technology-driven detection and digital treatment for cognitive disorders. More information
  • Cytes Biotecnologies: Offers services based on cell isolation and cell solutions for in vitro models. More information
  • Virtual bodyworks: Applies immersive virtual reality to health improvement both, mental and physical (diagnosis of dyslexia, autism, adult ADHD and early onset detection of Alzheimer’s disease). More information
  • Neurekalab: Science to overcome learning difficulties. More information
  • AIGecko Technologies  Image recognition and analysis services based on algorithms, and artificial intelligence.  More information
  • Mind & Identity: Virtual reality to revolutionize psichological treatments. More information


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