Neurobrews 2023

A successful event organized by the PhD Committee of the Institute of Neurosciences, University of Barcelona

This past thursday, 8th of June, the PhD Committee of the Institute of Neurosciences of the University of Barcelona organized a highly successful event called “Neurobrews.” This unique initiative aimed to bring together neuroscience researchers and enthusiasts in an informal setting, where they could discuss and explore the wonders of the brain while enjoying a pint of their favorite beverage.

The event’s success would not have been possible without the support of our speakers (Nacho Rours, Esen Küçüktütüncü, Genís Campoy, Agnès Pérez-Millan, Natàlia Gorina-Careta, Macià Buades-Rotger and Alba Ortega) and the dedication of the PhD Committee ( Siham Ijjou, Clara Romera, Raquel Alsina, Pol Garcia and Irene Rodríguez)

Engaging talks:

Young promissing neuroscientists covered a wide range of subjects, including adult neurogenesis, virtual reality, alzheimer, neural disorders, and scientiffic dissemination. The speakers skillfully presented complex concepts in a manner that was understandable to both experts and non-experts alike.

Interactive discussions

During the live talks, most of the speakers hilauriously interacted with the audience, making them an active part in this event. The discussions fostered a sense of community and encouraged the exchange of knowledge and ideas.

Socializing and Networking:

Pint of Science created a relaxed and informal atmosphere, allowing participants to connect and network with fellow neuroscience enthusiasts, students, and professionals. The event facilitated meaningful conversations, collaborations, and the formation of new connections within the neuroscience community.

The event’s positive reception and the enthusiasm displayed highlight the importance of such initiatives in bridging the gap between scientists and the general public, ultimately fostering a greater appreciation and understanding of the fascinating world of neuroscience.

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