Principal Investigators

Carles Soriano-Mas

Associate professor

OCD, anxiety, mood disorders, neuroimaging

José M. Menchón

Associate Professor

OCD, compulsivity, clinical and neurocognitive assessments

Ma. Del Pino Alonso


OCD, compulsivity, genetics, neuromodulation

Research team


José M. Crespo



Cinto Segalàs



Eva Real



Sara Bertolín

Early Stage Researcher


Ignacio Martínez-Zalacaín

Early Stage Researcher


Aida de Arriba

Early Stage Researcher


Sergi López

Early Stage Researcher


Carla del Río

Early Stage Researcher


Ana Pamela Chavarría

Early Stage Researcher

Research Interest


Multidisciplinary research in mental health, with a particular focus on mood disorders, anxiety, and the compulsive spectrum

Technologies & Methods


  • Clinical and neurocognitive evaluations
  • Acquisition and analysis of structural and functional neuroimaging data
  • Genetic and epigenetic analyses
  • Neuromodulation techniques
  • Cognitive-behavioral intervention techniques
  • Mobile health techniques (mHealth)

Active Projects


Habits and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: A Neurogenetic Perspective. Ministry of Science and Innovation. PID2022-139081OB-C22. Carles Soriano-Mas


Boosting Societal Adaptation and Mental Health in a Rapidly Digitalising, Post-Pandemic Europe. HORIZON – HADEA. European Commission. 101080238. José M. Menchón


Prospective study of biomarkers and clinical predictors of long-term evolution and response to treatment in obsessive-compulsive disorder: the Barcelona cohort (B-OCDC). Marató TV3. 202201 30 31 32 33. Ma. Del Pino, Carles Soriano-Mas


Biomarcadores multiómicos periféricos predictores de la evolución a largo plazo del Trastorno Obsesivo-Compulsivo: la cohorte TOC Barcelona (OCD-BC). Carlos III Health Institute. PI22/00752. Ma. Del Pino Alonso


Evolución a largo plazo, respuesta a tratamiento y recaídas de los trastornos de la compulsividad: biomarcadores neuroinflamatorios, neuropsicológicos y de neuroimagen. Carlos III Health Institute PI22/00956. José M. Menchón

Selected Publications


    • Miranda-Olivos, R., Baenas, I., Steward, T. et al. Exploring the influence of circulating endocannabinoids and nucleus accumbens functional connectivity on anorexia nervosa severity. Mol Psychiatry (2023).


    • Segal, A., Parkes, L., Aquino, K. et al. Regional, circuit and network heterogeneity of brain abnormalities in psychiatric disorders. Nat Neurosci 26, 1613–1629 (2023).


    • Cano, M., Lee, E., Polanco, C., Barbour, T., Ellard, K. K., Andreou, B., Uribe, S., Henry, M. E., Seiner, S., Cardoner, N., Soriano-Mas, C., & Camprodon, J. A. (2023). Brain volumetric correlates of electroconvulsive therapy versus transcranial magnetic stimulation for treatment-resistant depression. Journal of affective disorders333, 140–146.


    • Bertolín, S., Alonso, P., Martínez-Zalacaín, I., Menchón, J. M., Jimenez-Murcia, S., Baker, J. T., Bargalló, N., Batistuzzo, M. C., Boedhoe, P. S. W., Brennan, B. P., Feusner, J. D., Fitzgerald, K. D., Fontaine, M., Hansen, B., Hirano, Y., Hoexter, M. Q., Huyser, C., Jahanshad, N., Jaspers-Fayer, F., Kuno, M., … Soriano-Mas, C. (2023). Right Prefrontal Cortical Thickness Is Associated With Response to Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy in Children With Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry62(4), 403–414.


    • Picó-Pérez, M., Fullana, M. A., Albajes-Eizagirre, A., Vega, D., Marco-Pallarés, J., Vilar, A., Chamorro, J., Felmingham, K. L., Harrison, B. J., Radua, J., & Soriano-Mas, C. (2023). Neural predictors of cognitive-behavior therapy outcome in anxiety-related disorders: a meta-analysis of task-based fMRI studies. Psychological medicine53(8), 3387–3395.