The UB’s Science Festival offers more proposals than ever for you to enjoy research

This year the Science Festival of the University of Barcelona reaches its ninth edition and offers more workshops than ever, a total of 67, in which researchers from the Institute and a wide range of disciplines will explain the research being carried out at the UB in a fun and entertaining way. On Friday 12 May there will be workshops aimed primarily at school groups, while the second session, open to the general public, will take place on Saturday 13 May. 

Those who come to the Historical Building of the UB during these two days will find workshops on food, archaeology, biology, astronomy, neuroscience, geology, physics, linguistics, mathematics, chemistry, medicine and law, among many other subjects. In some cases, 3D techniques are used, as in a virtual walk through the Milky Way, or virtual reality, for example, to travel to the world of molecules. Puzzles and hands-on activities, among others, are some of the tools to bring the scientists’ work closer to the public. This year, the Science Festival also breaks the record for the number of participating research groups: more than 60, with more than 380 researchers. As for the public, there are already more than 1000 prople who have registered for the workshops with school groups on Friday and the number continues to rise, while in the previous edition, there were 780 registered participants.

​​​​​”This year, there are many new research groups that are taking part. And it’s only their first time at the Festival, but the first time that they are venturing into dissemination. For them, this is a challenge: they have to think about how to do it, how to explain their research, which is often very complex, in a simple way. For us, this also becomes a challenge, because we have to be there with them, give them advice and also produce in order to make what researchers often have in their heads a reality”, note the members of La UB Divulga, who are in charge of organising the Science Festival. “We ask ourselves ‘what is the limit of the UB Science Festival?’ and we don’t really have an answer, people’s involvement is increasing”, they add.

​​​​​​Gemma Marfany, the rector’s delegate for science outreach, says: “From 11 to 13 May the UB is dressing up to celebrate the high quality of the good science communicators it has: on the one hand, we have the Doctors’ Senate and Board of Trustees’ awards to scientists who stand out for their involvement in quality science dissemination, and by end the week we celebrate the UB Science Festival, an essential classic within the dissemination activities that take place in the city of Barcelona”. “We have been holding the Science Festival for nine uninterrupted years, including online activities during the pandemic”, she says. And we do it with creativity, energy and with great enthusiasm.

The Science Festival is organized by La UB Divulga and has the support of the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology. Researchers and volunteers, largely students and AdSS members of the UB participate in the event”. 

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