ORCID Research Profile


Position: Full Professor

Research team


Antonio Solanas Perez

Full Professor

antonio.solanas (at) ub.edu


Francesc Salvador Beltran

Full Professor



David Leiva Ureña

Associate Professor

dleivaur (at) ub.edu


Rumen Rumenov Manolov

Assistant Professor

rrumenov13 (at) ub.edu


Ruth Dolado Guivernau

Postdoctoral researcher

ruth.dolado (at) ub.edu


Elisabet Gimeno Rosell

Early stage researcher


Contact details


Prof. Vicenç Quera

Sub-department of Quantitative Psychology

Faculty of Psychology, Campus Mundet, Passeig de la Vall d’Hebron 171

08035 Barcelona (Spain)

+34 933125088

vquera (at) ub.edu



Research Interests


I work on the analysis of social interaction and the modeling and analysis of collective behavior using a computational approach (agent-based models). I develop algorithms and software for the analysis of behavior sequences, and for the simulation of group behavior, specifically the coordinated collective motion in non- human animal groups and agent-based simulation and observation in social systems of primates.

Current Research Lines


  • Behavioral sequence analysis and interaction analysis
  • Modeling and simulation of collective behavior
  • Social systems in Cercopithecidae

Highlighted publications


· Quera, V., Beltran, F. S., & Gimeno, E. (2016). Modelling the emergence of coordinated collective motion by minimizing dissatisfaction. Mathematical Biosciences, 271, 154-167.


· Quera, V., Beltran, F.S., Givoni, I.E., & Dolado, R. (2013). Determining shoal membership using affinity propagation. Behavioural Brain Research, 241, 38-49.


· Bakeman, R., & Quera, V. (2011). Sequential Analysis and Observational Methods for the Behavioral Sciences. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.


· Dolado, R. & Beltran, F.S (2011). Dominance hierarchy and  spatial  distribution  in  captive red-capped  mangabeys  (Cercocebus  torquatus torquatus): Testing Hemelrijk’s agent-based model. Interaction Studies, 12 (3), 461-473.


· Quera, V., Beltran, F.S., & Dolado, R. (2010). Flocking behaviour: Agent-based simulation and hierarchical leadership. Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation, 13 (2), 8.