The Institute of Neurosciences was created in 2015 (16th December 2015). It is a frontrunner in international neuroscience research, being one of the few institutes in the world that investigates the brain at every level. This includes research groups in neurobiology, neuropharmacology, pathophysiology, neurology, psychiatry, clinical psychology, neuropsycobiology and cognitive neurosciences.

The Institute has been awarded with the María de Maeztu Excellence Unit accreditation, and gathers more than 450 researchers from the Faculties of Psychology, Medicine, Pharmacy and Biology, in the multicultural city of Barcelona. We encourage and welcome collaboration with international research groups and organisations!

Best Global Universities Ranking

Our members enjoy benefits such as being part of a close community, learning from some of the best neuroscience researchers in the world, collaborating in both the private and public sectors, and state-of-the-art facilities.



Governing bodies


The Institute of Neurosciences is managed by a Steering Committee chosen by election among all the Institute’s members, and by a Board of Directors appointed by the Committee. This Board of Directors is constituted by the Director, the Secretary and the representatives of the six research areas. The Institute is managed according to the regulations of the University of Barcelona for research institutes, approved by the University Government Council on the 21st March 2006.

Board of Directors


Dr. Jordi Alberch


Deputy director
Dr. Georgina Guilera


Representatives of research areas

Dr. Xavier Gasull (Department of Biomedicine)

Dr. Josep Marco (Department of Cognition, Development and Educational Psychology)

Dr. Maria Angels Jurado (Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychobiology)

Dr. Raul Estévez (Department of Physiological Sciences)

Dr. Mercè Pallas Llibreria (Department of Pharmacology, Toxicology and Therapeutic Chemistry)

Dr. Yaroslau Compta (Department of Biomedicine, Clinical Neurology)

Management team


Marta Turró (Administrative officer)

Cristina Pulido (Research developer)

Laia Tremosa (Communication manager)

Katia Verger (Knowledge transfer manager)

Sara Alaoui (Junior trainee in Digital information and documentation)

Scientific Advisory Board  


Prof. Kimmo Alho, University of Helsinki, Finland 

Prof. Ernest Arenas, Karolinska Institute, Sweden 

Dra. Mercedes Atienza, Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Spain 

Prof. Carmen Sandi, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland 

Dr. Frederic Saudou, Institute of Neuroscience, University Grenoble-Alps, France 

PhD Committee  



Carla Castany (Experimental Neurology)

Esther Garcia (Experimental Neurology)

Laura Maldonado (Mental Health)

Laura Montejo (Mental Health)

Marta Marques de Almeido e Silva (Cognitive and Behavioural Neuroscience)

Gizem Senel (Cognitive and Behavioural Neuroscience)

Josep Argerich (Pathophysiology of Nervous System Diseases)

Alba Ortega (Pathophysiology of Nervous System Diseases)

Irene Sanchez Dominguez (Pathophysiology of Nervous System Diseases)