Research Promotion Office


Accordingly to the main goals of the Institute of Neurosciences, the Research Promotion Office aims to ensure that our Institute stands as a national and international referent in its research field. This excellence is achieved not only by the quality of the research and the international recognition of the investigators, but specially by the promotion of an inclusive and efficient research, aligned with social needs and based in an innovative scientific management.


The main tasks of the Research Promotion Office are:

Active searching of funding

We perform a regular follow-up of funding opportunities, searching for national and international, public and private calls. The selected relevant calls with a wide interest are communicated to researchers by an internal weekly report, and the calls responding to particular research interests are addressed individually.

Counseling in proposal application

Answering questions regarding administrative issues. | Giving recommendation to get a suitable approach in the proposal writing. | Checking the verification of compliance with the call requirements. | Suggesting actions to better align the project with the Research and Innovation guidelines (ethics, open access, scientific education, gender equality, governance and public engagement).

Personalized coaching in research career planning

We offer individualized support through personal meetings to suggest a medium- and long-term scientific career strategy. This coaching service is addressed mainly to postdoctoral researchers.

Dissemination of research results

Research activity in our Institute is disseminated by means of updating the Institute website and organizing several outreach and public engagement activities. This dissemination tasks are done in collaboration with the Communication Department of the University of Barcelona.

Coordination of internal communication

We organize workshops and annual meetings to boost synergies and collaborations among researchers.

Management of the ordinary functioning

We write the annual report of the Institute activities, process the affiliation of new members and organize Steering Committee meetings.



Dr. Cristina Pulido Pérez

cristina.pulido (at)

ubneuro (at)

+34 93 312 50 95


P. Vall D’Hebron 171

Campus Mundet, Ed. Ponent, Vagó 2, 3r pis

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