Conference Series

The Neuroscience Conference Series(NCS), organised by the Institute of Neurosciences, is a great opportunity to meet international distinguished neuroscientists, who will present the latest advancements in their respective field of research. We keep updating this section regularly and adding more talks, so stay tuned!

“Predictive attenuation of self-generated touch in human somatosensory cortex and cerebellum”

CCCFMiC: Nanopore-derived epigenetic landscapes and reference free analysis of microbial evolution

NCS2022: Symposium on Brain Neuroimaging Topics in Neurodegenerative disorders

Cicle Continuat de Conferències de la FMiCS: Adult hippocampal neurogenesis in health and disease

NCS2022: “Mecanismos del condicionamiento inmunológico en la infiltración tumoral del Glioblastoma multiforme”

NCS2022: “A partnership between sensation and longevity”

NCS2022: The right hemisphere and calculation

NCS2022: The mith of aesthetic experience

Cicle Continuat de Conferències de la FMiCS: Reduced mitochondrial priming drives global resistance to leukemia therapy

NCS2022: “Hemispheric specialization for speech and music: acoustical cues for two human communication systems”

NCS2022: “Dance and Musical Groove in the Human Brain”

Cicle Continuat de Conferències de la FMiCS: Neuroengineering solutions for restoring neuronal communication

Cicle Continuat de Conferències de la FMiCS: Identifying and overcoming resistance to melanoma therapies

Cicle Continuat de Conferències de la FMiCS: Brain mechanisms in physiological and pathological cognitive processes

NCS2022″Coordination of excitatory and inhibitory synapses within dendrites”

Barcelona Lecture Series 2019 -2021

Neuroscience Conference Series 2020

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 we have postponed all upcoming events until further notice.

NCS2020″Learning to Anticipate What is About to Happen and When:  Psychological and Neural Systems Approaches”

12 pm – Sala de Graus, Mundet Campus

Andrew Delamater, PhD | Brooklyn College – CUNY

NCS2020″Pathology of the nervous system in ruminants intoxicated with Clostridium perfringens epsilon toxin”

12 pm – Sala d’actes, Campus de Bellvitge

Francisco A. Uzal, PhD | University of California Davis

NCS2020″Brain circuits encoding threats”

12 pm – Aula 14 Campus Clínic

Manuel Mameli, PhD | Université de Lausane

NCS2020″Decoding the neural processing of speech”

03:00 pm – Sala de Graus, Mundet Campus

Tobias Reichenbach, PhD | Imperial College London

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NCS2020 “Neuroimaging biomarkers in Parkinson’s disease and Atypical Parkinsonian Disorders”

12:00 pm – Aula 11, Clinic Campus

Antonio Strafella | University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada

Thilo Van Eimeren | University of Cologne, Germany

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Neuroscience Conference Series 2019

NCS 2019 “Estimation of functional connectivity with fMRI”

04:00 pm – Sala de Graus, Mundet Campus

Dra. Caterina Pedersini

Universitá di Verona

NCS 2019 “Physical activities and exercise for healthy cognitive aging “

03:00 pm – Sala de Graus, Mundet Campus

Louis Bherer, PhD

University of Montréal

NCS 2019 “Las células de cajal-retzius y el desarrollo de la fisura del hipocampo humano”

12:00 pm – Aula M6 Edifici Margalef, Biology Faculty

Miriam González Gómez, PhD

Universidad de La Laguna

NCS2019 “Pain at its Source: Encoding of Pain-Related Information by Peripheral Nociceptive Terminals in vivo”

11:00 am – Aula 14 Medicine Faculty, Campus Clinic

Alexander Binshtok, PhD

The Hebrew University Medical School Department of Medical Neurobiology

NCS 2019 “Itch Neurons and their Receptors”

12:00 pm – Aula Magna, Medicine Faculty, Clinic Campus

Mark A. Hoon, PhD

National Institutes of Health (NIH), USA

NCS 2019 “The Importance of Signaling Pathway Downregulation for Central Nervous System Development and Homeostasis”

12:00 pm – Aula M6, Edifici Margalef, Biology Faculty

Sergi Simó, PhD University California Davis


NCS 2019 “Citizenship and Mental Health”

12:00 pm – Antoni Caparrós  (Teatre), Faculty of Psychology, Mundet Campus

Michael Rowe, PhD

Yale Department of Psychiatry

NCS 2019 “Person-environment transactions”

12:00 pm – Sala de Graus, Faculty of Psychology, Mundet Campus

Jaap Denissen, PhD

Tilburg University

NCS 2019 “Environmental enrichment modifies growth signals to promote axon regeneration in the young and aged”

12:00 pm – Aula de Graus, Biology Faculty

Simone di Giovanni, PhD

Imperial College London

Neuroscience Conference Series 2018

Last year’s edition included speakers such as Salvador Martínez, MD, PhD, (Instituto de Neurociencias de Alicante, UMH-CSIC), Jose A. Esteban, PhD, (Centro de Biología Molecular Severo Ochoa- CSIC-Universidad Autónoma de Madrid),  Konstantina Kilteni, PhD (Karolinska Institutet), Jaap Denissen, PhD (Tilburg University), Santiago Rivera, PhD (CNRS – Aix-Marseille Univ), Simone Di Giovanni, PhD (Imperial Collegue London).

See the full programme below.

NCS 2018 “Cellular therapy in ALS: what’s next after phase I and II clinical trials?”

1:00 pm – Aula Magna, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Medicine Campus (Hospital Clínic)

Salvador Martínez, MD, PhD
Instituto de Neurociencias CSIC-UMH

NCS 2018 “Astrocyte-neuron communication for synaptic plasticity and memory”

1:00 pm – Aula Graus, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Medicine Campus

Jose A. Esteban, PhD
Centro de Biología Molecular Severo Ochoa- CSIC-Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

NCS 2018 “Using Intensive Longitudinal Methods to Study Within-Person Processes”

11:00 am – Aula Master, Faculty of Psychology, Mundet Campus

Jean-Philippe Laurenceau, Ph.D.
University of Delaware

NCS 2018 “Computational principles of the attenuation of self-generated touch”

3:00 pm – Sala de Graus, Faculty of Psychology, Mundet Campus

Konstantina Kilteni, PhD
Karolinska Institutet

NCS 2018 “The use of Gas1 as an experiemental approach for glioblastoma treatment”

12:00 pm – Aula 11, Medicine Campus

Jose Segovia, PhD


NCS 2018 “How long would that take? Sensory compensation and adaptation”

12:00 am – Sala d’Actes del Pavelló de Govern, Bellvitge Health Sciences Campus

Mathieu Beraneck, PhD
Centre Neurophysique, Physiologie et Pathologie, CNRS, France


NCS 2018 “Relating Age, Brain and Cognition: results from the Cambridge Centre for Ageing & Neuroscience (CamCAN)”

13:00 pm – Aula 16, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Medicine Campus

Rik Henson, PhD
University of Cambridge


NCS 2018 “Membrane type-matrix metalloproteinases are newcomers to the Alzheimer’s field”

12:30 pm – Aula 5, Edifici A, Faculty of Pharmacy and Food Sciences

Santiago Rivera, PhD
Research Director CNRS, France


NCS 2018 “Artificial Intelligence: New Questions for Legislation and Applied Ethics”

12:00 pm – Sala de Graus, Faculty of Psychology, Mundet Campus

Thomas Metzinger, PhD
University of Mainz, Germany


NCS 2018 “Experience, gender and cultural modulation of the risk of Alzheimer’s disease”

12/12 /2018

3:30 pm – Sala de Graus, Faculty of Psychology, Mundet Campus

Veronique Bohbot, Ph.D,

McGill University