Principal Investigators

Josep M. Canals

Associate Professor

Director of Creatio

Stem cells and regenerative medicine

Daniel del Toro

Full Professor

In vivo reprogramming during cortex development

Petia Radeva

Full Professor

Machine learning, Computer Vision, Medical Imaging

Daniel Tornero

Assistant Professor

Neural stem cells and brain damage

Research team


Phil Sanders

Posdoctoral Researcher


Cinta Gomis

Early Stage Researcher


Clelia Introna

Early Stage Researcher


Francisco J. Molina

Early Stage Researcher


Claudia Pelegrina

Early Stage Researcher


Cristina Vila

Early Stage Researcher


Sofia Zaballa

Early Stage Researcher


Silvia Artigas



Georgina Bombau



Mireia Galofre



Anna Lopez



Veronica Monforte



Cristina Salado



Felipe Chiappe



Cristina Herranz



Unai Perpiña



Irene Porcar



Research Interest


The group of Stem Cells and Neurodevelopment puts together four principal investigators that cover large experience on neurodevelopment research, the use of stem cells for modeling and treatment of neurological disorders and in silico modelization of neurodevelopment and neurodegenerative diseases by machine learning. We are mainly interested in the use of mouse, human and in silico models to discover new treatments for neurological disorders based on cell therapy. All PIs participate in large national and international consortia, and have a large trajectory of international papers in outstanding journals. The group share a large number of techniques including GMP production of Advance Therapy Medicinal Products.

Technologies & Methods


  • Human stem cell differentiation
  • Neuroimaging
  • High throughput Calcium imaging
  • Advanced microscopy and confocal microscopy
  • Histological analysis
  • Stereotaxic cell transplantation and viral injections in mice and rats
  • High cell content imaging
  • Conventional and Quantitative PCR
  • Immunostaining and stereological analysis
  • Western blot, ELISA, enzymatic activity evaluation
  • Intra-utero injections of cells and vectors
  • in vivo reprogramming
  • Brain-on-chip systems and microfluidic cultures
  • Clearing of whole-mount samples
  • Machine learning (vector machine, logistic regression, random forest or a Naïve Bayes model)
  • In silico modeling (neurodevelopment and neurodegenerative diseases)
  • Clinical production of ATMPs

Featured Projects


    • An EU-Canada joint infrastructure for next-generation multi-Study Heart research (euCanSHare). European Commission. 825903. Petia Ivanova Radeva i Karim Lekadir


    • ASCTN-Training: Training on Advanced Stem Cell Technologies in Neurology. European Commission. 813851. Josep M. Canals


    • Cell therapy for knee osteoarthritis. Comparison of treatments with autologous and allogenic mesenchymal stromal cells in a multicenter controlled randomized clinical trial (ARTROCELL). Instituto de Salud Carlos III (ISCIII). Ministerio de Economia, Industria y Competitividad. PIC 18/00001. Andreu Combalia i Fermin Sanchez-Guijo


    • Desarrollo, diferenciación y maduración neuronal en la enfermedad de Huntington. Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación. SAF2015-66505-R. Josep M. Canals


    • European Training Network for Cell-based Regenerative Medicine. European Commission. 722779. Josep M. Canals, Jordi Alberch i Jenny Emneus


    • In vitro Study of Neurodevelopment in Huntington’s disease. CHDI Foundation Inc. A14079. Josep M. Canals


    • Lot 3 Immunogenicity testing for advanced therapy medicinal product and Lot 4 Autoimmune disease. European Commission. JRC/IPR/2018/F.3/0035/OC. Josep M. Canals i Marco Straccia


    • Más allá de la Precisión de los Modelos: Icerteza, Explicabilidad y Aprendizaje Entre-modal. Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades. RTI2018-095232-B-C21. Petia Ivanova Radeva i Santiago Segui Mesquida


    • Neuronal networks from Cortical human iPSCs for Machine Learning Processing. FET-Open NeuChip-964877. Daniel Tornero i Jordi Soriano


    • Nuevos mecanismos de migración neuronal implicados en el plegamiento de la corteza cerebral. RTI2018-095580-A-100. Daniel del Toro


    • Red de Terapia Celular. Instituto de Salud Carlos III (ISCIII). Ministerio de Economia, Industria y Competitividad. RD16/0011/0012. Josep M. Canals i Jose M. Moraleda


    • Studying Human MSN Differentiation from PSC using Single-Cell RNAseq and Rodent Chimeric Models. CHDI Foundation Inc. A12076. Josep M. Canals


    • VIPO customers profiling system to improve the buying experience. EIT Digital IVZW. Petia Ivanova Radeva

Featured Publications


    • Palma-Tortosa, S., Coll-San Martin, B., Kokaia, Z., & Tornero, D. (2021). Neuronal Replacement in Stem Cell Therapy for Stroke: Filling the Gap. Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology, 9, 709.


    • SC4HD Consortium (2021). Stem Cells for Huntington’s Disease (SC4HD): An International Consortium to Facilitate Stem Cell-Based Therapy for Huntington’s Disease. Journal of Huntington’s Disease, 10.3233/JHD-210473. Advance online publication.


    • Palma-Tortosa, S., Tornero, D., Hansen, M. G., Monni, E., Hajy, M., Kartsivadze, S., Aktay, S., Tsupykov, O., Parmar, M., Deisseroth, K., Skibo, G., Lindvall, O., & Kokaia, Z. (2020). Activity in grafted human iPS cell–derived cortical neurons integrated in stroke-injured rat brain regulates motor behavior. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 117(16), 9094–9100.


    • Peregrina, C., & Del Toro, D. (2020). FLRTing Neurons in Cortical Migration During Cerebral Cortex Development. Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology, 8, 578506.


    • Comella-Bolla, A., Orlandi, J. G., Miguez, A., Straccia, M., García-Bravo, M., Bombau, G., Galofré, M., Sanders, P., Carrere, J., Segovia, J. C., Blasi, J., Allen, N. D., Alberch, J., Soriano, J., & Canals, J. M. (2020). Human Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Neurons Are Functionally Mature In Vitro and Integrate into the Mouse Striatum Following Transplantation. Molecular Neurobiology, 57(6), 2766–2798.


    • Salado-Manzano, C., Perpiña, U., Straccia, M., Molina-Ruiz, F. J., Cozzi, E., Rosser, A. E., & Canals, J. M. (2020). Is the Immunological Response a Bottleneck for Cell Therapy in Neurodegenerative Diseases?. Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience, 14, 250.


    • Del Toro, D., Ruff, T., Cederfjäll, E., Villalba, A., Seyit-Bremer, G., Borrell, V., & Klein, R. (2017). Regulation of Cerebral Cortex Folding by Controlling Neuronal Migration via FLRT Adhesion Molecules. Cell, 169(4), 621–635.e16.


    • del Toro, D., Carrasquero-Ordaz, M. A., Chu, A., Ruff, T., Shahin, M., Jackson, V. A., Chavent, M., Berbeira-Santana, M., Seyit-Bremer, G., Brignani, S., Kaufmann, R., Lowe, E., Klein, R., & Seiradake, E. (2020). Structural Basis of Teneurin-Latrophilin Interaction in Repulsive Guidance of Migrating Neurons. Cell, 180(2), 323-339.e19.


    • Tornero, D., Tsupykov, O., Granmo, M., Rodriguez, C., Grønning-Hansen, M., Thelin, J., Smozhanik, E., Laterza, C., Wattananit, S., Ge, R., Tatarishvili, J., Grealish, S., Brüstle, O., Skibo, G., Parmar, M., Schouenborg, J., Lindvall, O., & Kokaia, Z. (2017). Synaptic inputs from stroke-injured brain to grafted human stem cell-derived neurons activated by sensory stimuli. Brain : Journal of Neurology, 140(3), 692–706.

Knowledge transfer & Innovation


    • A European Cancer Image Platform Linked to Biological and Health Data for Next-Generation Artificial Intelligence and Precision Medicine in Oncology (EuCanImage). European Commission. 952103. Petia Ivanova Radeva i Karim Lekadir


    • Future Skills for Digital Transformation (FutureSkillSet). EIT Health e.V. Petia Ivanova Radeva


    • Modelización de enfermedades neurodegenerativas. Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación. EIN2020-112381. Josep M. Canals


    • Non-invasive dynamic neural control by laser-based technology (NEUROPA).European Commission. 863214. Merce Masana Nadal


    • Validation of an Innovative Dietary Intake Tool for Healthcare Implementation (VALIDITHI). European Commission. 20675. Petia Ivanova Radeva