II PhD Workshop, a meeting point for the Institute’s young researchers

Inaugural Board at the PhD Workshop chaired by Carles Escera (left) and Bru Cormand (right).

On November 30 and December 1, the second PhD Workshop of the Institute of Neurosciences of the UB took place. This meeting, with more than a hundred registrations –including PhDs, master’s degree students and other researchers-, took place at the Faculty of Biology. During the opening, the then director of the Institute of Neurosciences, Carles Escera, and the vice-dean for Research of the Faculty of Biology, Bru Cormand, highlighted the role of young researchers in the Institute. They also highlighted the incorporation of experts on biomedicine, pharmacy and biology to this second meeting, which adds cross-sectional and multidisciplinary views. Regarding future editions of this event, they mentioned that the PhD Workshop aims to be mobile in different campuses which are linked to the Institute.

The activity continued with sessions on posters, around forty of them, together with oral presentations. These covered different fields such as studies on epilepsy, Huntington’s disease, schizophrenia or the Night Eating Syndrome. The experts Artur Llobet, researcher from the Institute and lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, and Neus Valveny, from Trial Form Support, SL, talked about future job options, especially those in the academic field. Both invited speakers gave advice and recommendations for job searching and highlighted the medical writing, an essential skill in the field of pharmaceutical industry when writing well-structured documents. They also touched on the real importance of the impact factor and the methodologies for the publication of scientific articles.

Berta Nicolás, awardee of the prize to best poster (left) and Oriol Busquets, awardee of the prize to the best oral presentation (right).

The activity ended with the award ceremony. The award to the best oral presentation was given to Oriol Busquets, for his presentation “Pharmacological inhibition of JNK1 by licochalcone A leads to neuroprotection” and the award to the best poster was for Berta Nicolàs and her “Exploring autobiographical memories for real life sequences of event episodes with a wearable camera”. To close the activity, they thanked the PhD Committee and Cristina Pulido, research promoter at the Institute, who were in charge of organizing the activity. Last, PhD students were encouraged to become part of the committee to prepare next year’s edition.



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